Gain control over your cravings before the end of the year, using the Emotive Fit Method.

I've put together a free 14 day Toolbox that shows you behind the scenes of The Emotive Fit method and how you to gain control over your cravings so you can finally reach your fat loss goals.

Starting 26/11/2023

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Why listen to me on this?

Hi, I'm Nick

I am a women's coaching specialist, Nutrition coach and currently completing my Master's degree in psychology.

For years I struggled with my cravings which meant that my weightloss journey had been an uphill battle.

One day decided I needed to crack the code of managing my cravings to try and finally reach my goal. It was during this personal quest that I dived into studying about eating behaviours. I have developed unique techniques and approaches that not only helped me understand the ins and outs of my cravings but also empowered me to effectively control and hence overcome them.

I have since, helped hundreds of people in their weightloss journey by using these same techniques, to yield sustainable results

What's the Toolbox about?

Emotive Fit Method

There is a strong correlation between emotional well-being and fitness success? At Emotive Fit Method, we leverage this powerful connection by including the mindset, emotion and mental health side to your fitness journey so you can live your best life and reach your goal.

Pause-Feel Approach

We tend to think we do not have enough willpower and determination to fight our cravings and to reach our goal. Relying on willpower to reach our goal isn't a sustainable approach. With the Pause-Feel approach you will earn a system that will allow you to control your cravings without the use of willpower.

K.I.S.S Approach

We're all so busy trying to juggle our full time job, social life, health and fitness, life admins etc... The KISS method is a way to simplify everything to ensure you can find something that you can stick to long term, and hence get the results.

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